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We currently offer affordable OM617 Mercedes Diesel conversion kits for several different 4x4 applications. We also have several in design stage for 2018. Conversions take approximately 50-60 hours to complete. Most 4-wheel drive vehicles will require modification to the suspension and/or lift kit for additional OM617 engine clearance due to factory oil pan design.

Our Diesel Conversion Features & Benefits:

· Affordable priced kits & accessories, total conversions usually less than $2,000 dollars without labor.

· Maintain your vehicles stock transmission and drivetrain.

· Kits use your stock flywheel, clutch, and starter.

· Mercedes OM617 Turbo Diesel RPM is rated @ 4350.

· We drive what we sell, so we can effectively assist in technical questions during your conversion.

· Converted vehicles average 24-31 MPG, with several at 33-37 MPG.

· Many states diesel powered vehicles are emission exempt.